Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Yall!


Was that country enough for you? Well, I am from the South. So "yall" to me is proper grammatical English.

Welcome to the official blog of Michelle D. Human, called In My Lane. This blog is so named because of my discovery that life, generally, is much easier when you make decisions based on what is right for you, and not everyone else. It's purpose is to chronicle the events, epiphanies, fiascoes and everything else that happens in the normal course of life.

Short and sweet. Look forward to posts at least once or twice a week to begin (more if the day is particularly interesting). Everything from the serious to the silly will be covered in this blog, 'cause that's what runs through my head.

Don't forget to introduce yourself to me in the comments section. It helps to know that you are out there. We'll cheer each other on.


  1. Hi My name is Ezekiel :-) - Welcome to The Blog World

  2. Hello, my name is Mario. I'm quite a fan of yours in the real big world, soooo I hope there's more room for friends.